hyperx cloud core gaming headset for pc/ps4 (khx-hscc-bk)

The HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset for Windows PC allows you to play both top-down and bottom-up games, and it has an awesome display for gaming on both large HDTV and the biggest TV screens you’ve ever seen. Featuring a 3.5” 2560 x 1440 resolution screen with 60 Hz refresh rate and 3D Stereoscopic 3D effects.

HyperX is a leader in the gaming category for its gaming headsets for consoles, PC and PS4. HyperX is a gamer-favorite for its range of gaming headsets which are made for great quality, excellent audio, gaming performance and comfort. The HyperX Skullcandy gaming headset is the first headset from HyperX to feature full support of all types of games and allow users to game with their favorite characters or friends, even while playing.

HyperX has been developing and marketing gaming headsets since 2011. Their latest breakthrough invention, the HX Cloud Core gaming headset for a PC or PS4 (khx-hscc-bk), helps gamers enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience and enjoy the experience they want while gaming while controlling every move with a hand-held or head-mounted controller.

Hyperx Cloud Core gaming headset has many unique features include, a 360° gaming headset with 3D eye tracking plus a built in controller. Hyperx Cloud Core Gaming headset also comes packed with a built in headset jack with Dolby Audio 3.0 noise cancelling which is super-quiet and extremely immersive.

we have always been very big fans of console gaming. If you have played games like Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros. (for the Nintendo 3DS) and more than you can count in this list, then you know what we love. Most if not all of those games are on our handheld gaming console, and for those games that still have a presence on console, then Hyperx Cloud Core, is just about the greatest gaming accessory out there.

These are the best gaming headsets in the gaming world. Hyperx Cloud Core is a gaming headset that will boost the graphics, the sound, the immersion and the realism you expect from gaming. In addition, these headphones are powered by high-density sound that can help in any game of your choice.

A unique audio experience that is sure to take your gaming to whole new level The only audio technology today that combines the highest degree of audio performance with its compact size, is HyperX Cloud Core, the first headset with integrated audio. Its design is ultra-lightweight; weighing only 1.75 grams. A sleek design with integrated headphones, and a single-slot cable makes the headset a simple and convenient affair to wear with confidence.

HyperX has been making gaming headsets for a long long time. The company is focused on its PC and console market now. But if you’re still looking for an exceptional gaming headset to go with your PC or PS4, then look no higher than the latest and greatest from HyperX.

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