It is sometimes a little nerve wracking to go to a dentist office for the first time especially if one does not know what proceedings to expect. All in all, one may not feel quite as comfortable during their visit as they would like to, but knowing a few things can help with this problem. This is a simple step by step guide on what you are likely to go through when you decide to visit the dentist in the office for the first time.

Before Your Visit

To effectively prepare for the visit, there are certain things that you are supposed to know in advance. Collect any current medications, past dental issues, and the questions you have so your new dentist can efficiently help you with your dental needs. You also need to get to the doctor’s office at least 15 minutes earlier for any registration paperwork if any. This shall help in making the running of the visit very effective and smooth.

The Initial Consultation

In the first appointment, the dentist will interrogate you on various aspects touching on dental and general health. Do not hide any fact about your dental history, how frequent you brush, floss or any dental treatment you might have undergone before. This information will make your dentist be in a better position to understand you and recommend the right treatments for your oral health.

The Examination

The examination is one of the vital things that occur when you initially pay a visit to a dentist. Your dentist would also perform a visual check of your teeth, gums and oral cavity to assess for signs of caries, or cracks, or any other diseases. They may also want to take X-rays to see your teeth up close and also for the jaw bone. You cannot blame yourself if you are feeling a little nervous – your dentist will not scold you for that.

Embarrassment During the Examination

When examining you, your dentist is most likely to use a mirror, a thin pointed stick known as a probe and an X-Ray Machine. Tooth diseases are also prevented or controlled by thorough scaling and cleaning, with the scraping tool they may also depone any plank or tartar on your teeth. As a last reminder the person says to take a deep breath and attempt at having a moment of calm: the examination is normally fast and causes no discomfort.

After the Examination

Following the assessment, your dentist will be able to explain results with you and come up with a plan of action. This may be a clean, fill or some other which may or may not be linked to the decay. Do not hesitate to request anything you wish to know or any question that might be bothering you. Your dentist is here for your welfare, he or she needs to ensure that you are comfortable with the intention of doing a procedure.


Especially when a person is searching for a dentist office for the first time, this can help in gaining more confidence and be more prepared. Always ensure that information has been provided; ensure that one gets to the appointment early; and most important ensure that one does not lie concerning the habits one has concerning one’s teeth. If one follows some simple tips before visiting a dentist’s office, they will not have to dread the visit and can make it an outstanding experience.


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